Newsletter Builder for Wordpress

Create awesome newsletters with Newsletterfy from the same backend of your Wordpress.
With Newsletterfy, you just must select the blocks that you wish for your newsletter. So easy!

Newsletterfy on Codecanyon for just 22$

What is Newsletterfy?

Newsletterfy is a WordPress plugin that helps you create your newsletters either from the content of your website and/or content created specifically for your newsletters.

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Compatible with
WooCommerce & WPML

Newsletterfy makes possible to run with WooCommerce & WPML out-of-the-box. We are working on immediate integrations with MailChimp, Campaign monitor and many others.

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Wordpress Backend Editor. Very Simple.

With Newsletterfy, create newsletters never have been so easy. Create your own newsletters from the backend of your Wordpress, and without writing a single line of code!

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Are you a developer?

Newsletterfy is also designed for developers like you.
Create themes for Newsletterfy and sell them on Envato!